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More than 300 people work within the Department of Materials as academic staff, support staff, research fellows, graduate and undergraduate students or visitors.

Contact details for all individuals can be found by searching the university email and phone lists.

If you are unsure who to contact see list of contacts arranged by role/responsibility.

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Professor H.E. Assender Head of Department, Professor of Materials
Professor N. Grobert Associate Head of Department (Research), Professor of Materials
Professor T.J. Marrow Associate Head of Department (Teaching), James Martin Chair in Energy Materials
Professor J. Smith Associate Head of Department (Infrastructure), Professor of Photonic Materials and Devices
Professor P.S. Grant FREng Vesuvius Chair of Materials, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Professor Sir P.G. Bruce FRS  Wolfson Chair
Professor M.S. Islam  Professor of Materials Modelling
Professor D.E.J. Armstrong Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor S.C. Benjamin Professor of Quantum Technologies
Professor H. Bhaskaran Professor of Applied Nanomaterials 
Professor L. Bogani Professor of Molecular Nanomaterials
Professor M.R. Castell Professor of Materials
Professor C.R.M. Grovenor Professor of Materials
Professor A.I. Kirkland Professor of Materials
Professor S. Lozano-Perez George Kelley Professor of Materials
Professor M.P. Moody Professor of Materials
Professor P.D. Nellist FRS Professor of Materials
Professor M. Pasta Professor of Applied Electrochemistry
Professor R.C. Reed FREng Professor of Materials and Solid Mechanics
Professor S.C. Speller Professor of Materials Science
Professor R.I. Todd Professor of Materials
Professor A.J. Wilkinson Professor of Materials
Professor J. R. Yates Professor of Materials Modelling
Professor R.S. Bonilla Associate Professor of Materials
Professor J.T. Czernuszka Associate Professor of Materials
Professor M.L. Galano Associate Professor of Materials
Professor R. J. Nicholls Associate Professor of Materials
Professor K.A.Q. O'Reilly Associate Professor of Materials
Professor E.K.R. Tarleton Associate Professor of Engineering Science
Professor A.A.R. Watt Associate Professor of Materials
Professor R.S. Weatherup Associate Professor of Materials
Dr J. Gong EPSRC Research Fellow
Dr R. House Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow
Dr A. Kareer David Clarke Research Fellow
Dr J. Kim Departmental Lecturer in Corrected Electron Microscopy
Dr E. Liotti Departmental Lecturer in Processing of Advanced Materials
Dr C. Patrick Departmental Lecturer in Materials Modelling
Dr C. Allen Senior Research Staff, ePSIC Principal Scientist
Dr P. Bagot Senior Atom Probe Scientist
Dr C. Johnston Senior Research Staff, OMCS Manager
Dr J. Prentice Cooksey Early Career Teaching and Research Fellow at St Edmund Hall
Dr Y. (T). Tang Senior Research Staff,  Superalloys for Additive Manufacture
Dr J. Thomas Senior Research Staff, Quantum Molecular Devices
Dr N.P. Young Senior Research Staff, DCCEM Manager

Dr P. Adamson
Dr C.M. Barker
Dr E. Bjorklund
Dr J. Bu
Dr M. Carter
Dr W. Chan
Dr A. Chapman
Dr J. Chen
Dr Z. Chen
Dr P. Cong
Dr E. Darnbrough
Dr Y. Deng
Dr S. De Sousa Coutinho
Dr P. Didwal
Dr N. Farmakidis
Dr F. Fedele
Dr S. Feng
Miss N.A. Flanagan

Dr M. Forghani
(Dr H. Gao)
Dr X. Gao
Dr Z. Gao
Dr A. Gee
Dr J.S. Gibson
Dr J.S.K-L. Gibson
Dr H. Guo
Dr C. Gustiani
Dr I. Han
Dr G. He
Dr C. Hofer
Dr G.M. Hughes
Dr L. Jones
Dr M. Juelsholt
Dr K. Jurkschat
Dr S. Kim
Dr B. Koczor

Dr J. Lewis
Dr J. Li
Dr H. Liu
Dr J. Liu
Dr A.C-M. Lui
Dr B. Maciejewska
Dr G.A.B.M. Matthews
Dr A. Mostaed
Dr S. Narayanan
Dr T. Nimmo
Dr M.A. Perez Osorio
Dr A. Poletayev
Dr J. Ramirez Gonzalez
Dr G. Rees
Dr Z. Ren
Dr K. Sada
Dr C.J. Salter
Dr Y. Shu
Dr M. Slota

Dr A. Soeryadi
Dr W. Song
Dr D. Spencer Jolly
Dr. J. Su
Dr Y. Sun
Dr J. Swallow
Dr S. Turrell
Dr S. Utada
Dr Vikram
Dr M. Wang
Dr L. Wang
Dr Z. Wang
Dr S. Wheeler
Dr M. Wright
Dr G. Yang
Dr S. Yang
Dr X. Yao
Dr S. Zankowski
Dr L. Zhu

Dr C. Sweeney Head of Administration and Finance (interim)
Mr T.P. McAree Finance Manager
Dr J.E. Roberts Research Finance Manager
Ms P.J. Moss Education Manager
Dr A.O. Taylor Director of Graduate Studies & UG Admissions Coordinator
(Miss C Baggiolini)
Ms S. Edmunds-Ribierre
HR Manager
Mr L.J. Chorley Buildings and Facilities Manager
Dr P.J. Warren IT Manager

Administrative Support Staff

(Mrs K. Bamford)
Ms M. Bennett
Mr G. Blencowe
Mrs R.L. Bradford
Mr N. Cadman
Ms J. Carlin
Miss H. Cotterill

Ms K.L. Davies
Mrs J. D'souza
Ms C. Hadlow
Miss T.K. Haydon
Mr T. Heath
Mrs S. Ijada
Ms M. Jackson
Mrs A.J. Jewitt

Mrs J.A. Kent
Mrs S. King
Ms L.I. Laird
Ms J. Lopusinska
Ms S. Manna
Dr L. Mapledoram
Ms F. McGowan
Mr R. Morris

Mrs J. Page
Mrs S.J. Pearce
Mr A. Pugh
Mr Z. Qu
Miss E. Rakiec
Mrs G. Sewell
Dr K. Towers

Technical Support Staff 

Mr C.A-B. Akinola
Mr M.T. Ansari
(Mr S. Boyce)
Miss I Brikaite
Mr A.J. Brown
Dr R.I. Chakalova

Mr G. Cook
Mr F. Dunleavey
(Mr P.J.G. Flaxman)
Mrs C.O. Foldbjerg Holdway
Dr I. Griffiths

Mr A. Moore
Mr D. Myers
(Mr P. Paling)
Mrs D. Passmore
Mr P. Pattinson
Mr G.J. Ring

Mr M. Stanley
Mr I.J. Sutton
Dr E. Townsend
Mr R.W. Turner
Mr A.D. Wheeler
Mr G.A. Wyatt

Professor B. Cantor CBE Visiting Professor, University of Bradford
Professor R. Drautz Visiting Professor, ICAMS/Ruhr-University Bochum
Professor S.L. Dudarev Visiting Professor, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy
Professor J.B. Pethica FRS Visiting Professor, Trinity College Dublin
Professor Sir Richard Brook OBE, FREng Emeritus Professor
Professor Andrew Briggs Emeritus Professor
Professor Sir Peter Hirsch FRS Emeritus Professor
Professor G.D.W. Smith FRS Emeritus Professor
Professor J.M. Sykes Emeritus Professor
Professor M.J. Whelan FRS Emeritus Professor
Dr P. Flewitt Senior Visiting Fellow (Magnox Electric Ltd / Bristol University)
Dr M.R. Gilbert Senior Visiting Fellow (CCFE)
Mr Stephen Heidari-Robinson Adjunct Senior Research Fellow in Energy Technology and Policy
Dr Duc Nguyen-Manh Senior Visiting Research Fellow (CCFE)
Prof. J. Titchmarsh Senior Visiting Research Fellow

Academic Visitors - updated 2023/03/10

Dr P. Altermatt, Trina Solar - SKL, China
Dr F.E. Audebert, Buenos Aires University, Argentina
Dr M. Auger, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Dr D. Barba Cancho, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Prof. R.H. Bradley, Robert Gordon University, UK
Prof. A. Cerezo, Department of Materials, University of Oxford, UK
Dr A. Chakraborty, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Dr V. Cheel, Department of Materials, University of Oxford, UK
Dr P. Chen, University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Y. Chen, University of Bath, UK
Dr L. Clark, University of Leeds, UK
Dr A. Crossley, Department of Materials, University of Oxford, UK
Dr L. Daly, University of Glasgow, UK
Dr M. Danaie, Diamond Light Source, UK
Dr B. Dong, A*Star Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore
Dr H. Gardner, UKAEA, UK
Prof. F. Giustino, University of Texas, USA
Dr Yilun Gong, Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, Germany
Dr M. Goodarzi, Department of Materials, University of Oxford, UK
Dr P. Gopon, Department of Earth Sciences
Dr J. Haley, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, UK
Dr D. Haley, Datamine Software, UK
Dr C.D. Hardie, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, UK
Dr C. Huang, Rosalind Franklin Institute, UK
Dr J.M. Hyde, Wolfson College, Oxford, UK
Dr B. Jenkins, Department of Materials, Oxford, UK
Dr L. Jones, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
Dr M. Jordan, National Nuclear Laboratory, UK
Dr A. Kasdi, Milvus Advanced Ltd., UK
Dr E. Khorani, University of Warwick, UK
Dr S. Kuksenko, UKAEA, UK
Dr K. Kumamoto, Earth Sciences
Dr E. Laird, University of Lancaster, UK
Dr M. Lefferts, Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands
Dr B-S. Li, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Taiwan
Dr E. Liberti, Diamond Lightsource, UK
Dr J. Lim, CCFE, UK
Dr F. Liu, Department of Materials, Oxford, UK
Dr Z. Liu, Sun-Yasen University, PR China
Dr A. London, UKAEA
Dr T. Martin, Bristol University, UK
Prof G. McCartney, University of Nottingham, UK
Prof D. McComb, Ohio State University, USA
Dr Y. Mizuno, Nissan, Japan
Dr J. Moghal, Oxford Advanced Surfaces, UK
Prof J. Murphy, University of Warwick, UK
Dr S. Myhra, Griffith University, Australia
Dr S. Newbury, Wiliams Advanced Engineering Ltd.
Prof C.A. Nunes, DEMAR LSE Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
Miss M. O'Connor, The Arts Council of Ireland
Dr C. Panwisawas, University of Leicester, UK
Dr J. Parkhurst, The Rosalind Franklin Institute, UK
Dr T. Pirzada, Department of Materials, Oxford, UK
Prof. K. Porfyrakis, University of Greenwich, UK
Dr V. Prajzler, Department of Materials, Oxford, UK
Dr J. Prentice, St Edmund Hall
Dr A. Pugh, Bath University, UK
Dr N. Pugno, Universita di Trento, Italy
Miss H. Richards, University of Bath, UK
Dr A. Robertson, University of Warwick, UK
Mr R. Sasaki, Hitachi Metals, Japan
Dr L. Saucedo Mora, Eduardo Institute for Construction Science, Spain
Mrs J. Shaw, Imperial College London, UK
Dr K. Shenton, STFC, UK
Dr M. Shibata, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Japan
Dr S. Singh, Koba Institutional Area, India
Dr S. Sottini, Adaptix, UK
Dr P. Styman, CCFE, UK
Dr F. Tang, University of Cambridge, UK
Dr M. Telling, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
Dr L. Toller-Nordstrom, Sweden
Dr R. Torres Cavanillas, Universitat de València, Spain
Prof P. Wang, Nanjing University, PR China
Dr J.H. Warner, University of Texas, USA
Dr P-D. Warren, Pilkington plc, UK
Dr P.R. Wilshaw, Department of Materials, University of Oxford, UK
Dr Q. Yang, Department of Materials, University of Oxford, UK
Dr S. Yu, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
Dr Y. Zaychuk, UKAEA, UK
Dr Z. Zhang, EMAT - University of Antwerp, Belgium
Dr T. Zillhardt, University of Manchester, UK

Visiting Recognised Students - updated 2022/12/19

He, Pei
Jia, Yunfa
Mezzomo, Lorenzo
Rivero Antúnez, Pedro
Scherer, Michael
Zong, Michelle


Adams, Kirk
Agarwal, Varnika
Aggarwal, Kushagra
Aggarwal, Samarth
Akinwale, Anthony
Ali, Utku
Almarri, Shatha
Alshangiti, Omar
Andrews, Douglas
An, Lijin
Arber, Allison
Aspinall, Jack
Baker-Jones, Samantha
Balaji, Divya
Ballentine, John
Bauer, Bianca
Bechteler, Christian
Bennemann, Felix
Binford, Trevor
Boyd, Gregory
Brown, Galen
Cai, Xiaohang
Cao, Mengzhen
Cattermull, John
Chandler, Alana
Chang, Yide
Chan, Hon
Chan, Timothy
Charlesworth, Pedr
Charlton, Jodie
Chart, Yvonne
Chau, Oi
Cheng, Qian
Cheng, Tangsheng
Chen, Guangzhao
Cheng, Xingrui
Chen, Hewen
Chen, Jingyan
Chen, Runze
Chen, Tuoran
Choudhury, Tahmid
Craig, David
Cui, Zhexin
Dai, Liwei
Darminto, Brigita
Dean, Ava
Dekker, Emily
Dewar, Daniel
Dexter, Jonathan
Dhir, Shobhan
Ding, Shenghuan
Ding, Zhiyuan
Doerrer, Christopher
Dong, Shiling
Ellingsson, Viktor
Epstein, Boruch
Erol, Mahmut
Evans, Benjamin
Favell Gallifant, Cameron
Follows, Frederick
Forssberg, Axel
Fraser, Michael
Fu, Qianlin
Furlan, Michael
Galatolo, Giulia
Ge, Tairu
Gezmis, Hazal
Ghoussoub, Joseph
Gibson, Andrew
Ginnis, Thomas
Goh, Matthew
Gong, Chen
Goode, Michael
Gregory, Daniel
Grishchenko, Georgy
Gu, Fubiao
Guo, Zonghao
Guven, Muslum
Hao, Botao
Hedley, Emma
He, Yuhan
Hickie, Joseph
Hoque, Shahnaz
Hortelano Roig, Daniel
Hou, Linlin
Hoy, Stephen
Huang, Kairan
Huang, Po-Yuan
Huang, Xinrui
Huang, Zhijie
Hu, Bingkun
Ishmael, Shazeaa
Jagger, Ben
Jaques, Samuel
Jenkins, Max
Jeon, Minjun
Jim, Bethany
Jin, Ruining
Jnane, Hamza
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Gareth
Jones, Hannah
Jones, Megan
Kandolf, Nikolaus
Karadag, Ilayda
Kerr, Robert
Kirkpatrick, Andrew
Klups, Przemyslaw
Kong, Fanmiao
Kotakadi, Souhardh
Krüger, Marta
Kubota, Yasuhiro
Kwok, Daniel
Lain Rodriguez, Laura
Lall, Deep
Landis, Maya
Laurence, Robin
Lee, June
Lee, Mu-Huan
Lee, Ping-Yuan
Liang, Yi
Limkaichong, Justin
Linden, Yatir
Lin, Mengjiang
Lister, Abigail
Liu, Donghao
Liu, Houzhi
Liu, Tongshan
Liu, Xinlei
Li, Weishuo
Li, Xuewei
Li, Yu
Li, Zixuan
Lodi, Alessandro
Lubbad, Saleem
Luo, Hui
Luo, Xiaonan
Lu, Qingchuan
Mai, Matt
Maitra, Soumyajit
Malmir, Kiana
Marie, John-Joseph
Marti Dafcik, Daniel
Ma, Zhaoying
McGurty, Dillon
McNab, Shona
Meier, Martin
Meister, Richard
Melvin, Dominic
Metzler, Michael
Meyer, Benjamin
Mikallou, Antonios
Milan, Emily
Milne, Tara
Mitchell, Nicole
Miziev, Sols
Mohamed, Abdalrhaman
Mothatego, Thapelo
Moya, Arthur
Mushangwe, Lizzie
Nabilla, Sasza
Nama, Rajat
Nauriyal, Shivansh
Ng, Kai
Niu, Xinya
Olbrich, Lorenz
Ong, Maxine
Orbell, Sebastian
O'Sullivan, Eoin
O'Sullivan, John
Outeiral Rubiera, Carlos
Paetsch, Claire
Payne, Bartholomew
Pearson, Sebastian
Peng, Xiao
Perera, Johann
Phelan, Conor
Pi, Liquan
Potter, Harry
Pujilaksono, Lazuardi
Pu, Shengda
Qian, Jiangrui
Qi, Rui
Quan, Yuan
Ramesh, Namrata
Rattew, Arthur
Reavley, Matthew
Ren, Yanru
Richardson, Ewan
Rivers, Kieran
Robinson, Aidan
Romain, Pierre
Rychetsky, Marek
Sabnani, Serena
Samani, Keivan
Scales, Robert
Schart, Maximilian
Schofield, Ryan
Schuff, Jonas
Severin, Brandon
Shao, Ziyue
Shaw, Eleanor
Shen, Chen
Shi, Yifu
Shu, Ruiying
Shu, Sisheng
Shu, Yu
Siegel, Adam
Singh, Jasper
Siniscalchi, Marco
Srinivasan, Nayantara
Staines, Michael
Strikis, Armands
Strutt, Victoria
Sun, Yalun
Su, Xiao
Tang, Peng
Tang, Yongxiang
Tannesia, Leonhard
Tebbutt, George
Telford, Sean
Thomas, Oliver
Toftevaag, Haavard
Towell, Sophie
Treder, Kevin
Tsang, Ming-Yee
Tufnail, James
Turrell, Stephen
Tyagi, Sparsh
Ungermann, Katharina
Usuki, Hirokazu
Van Straaten, Barnaby
Vuksic, Marin
Wang, Liren
Wang, Yan
Wang, Yu
Wang, Yue
Warman, Philippa
Wen, Yi
Wheatley, Laura
Whybrow, Rory
Williamson, Marcus
Wombell, William
Wu, Zheng
Xu, Hang
Xu, Zhicheng
Yahya, Noor
Yang, Lechen
Yang, Tianjia
Yang, Xinze
Yin, Yumeng
Young, Bradley
Yuan, Yi
Yu, Mingzhe
Zagura, Petr
Zanre, Alessandro
Zhang, Jieming
Zhang, Minyi
Zhang, Qianyang
Zhang, Ruomu
Zhang, Shengming
Zhang, Weiyi
Zhang, Wenyu
Zhang, Yi
Zhang, Zheng
Zhao, Junyi
Zhao, Yingrui
Zheng, Qianfang
Zhong, Sijing
Zhong, Zhiyang
Zhu, Yuhan
Zor, Ceren
Zotkin, Sergei

Undergraduate Students ( 4th Year 2022-2023 )

Bali, Anjuli
Bulla, Andrew
Chen, Yifan
Choi, Subin
Cole, Hannah
Coulson, Matthew
Davison, Eleanor
Hartog, Timothy
Indradjaja, Russell
Ji, Dingqiao

Joinson, Nicholas
Kiatkulvanich, Nadhanont
Lawrence, Magnus
Lawton, Owen
Leyland, Freya
Lin, Hao
Liu, Yuqi
Loncarevic Whitaker, Julian
Loncarevic-Whitaker, Murray
McClement, Zaria

Meganathan, Sujayshen
Moss, Archie
Revia, Griselda
Roskilly, Rosanna
Simmonds, Martha
Strangward-Pryce, Gregory
Tang, Zhongyu
Tearle, Ouida
Thornley, Benjamin
Tortell Milhano, Amelia

Tsun, Jonathan
Wagstaff, Thomas
Walemba, Nathan
Wang, Yiran
Wheatley, Annabella
Xiong, Yuelin
Xu, Yixin
Xu, Zhiyun
Zdolyny, Elysia
Zhang, Wentao