Robert Weatherup

Recent Publications

  • Understanding metal organic chemical vapour deposition of monolayer WS2: the enhancing role of Au substrate for simple organosulfur precursors

  • Spin Filtering by Proximity Effects at Hybridized Interfaces in Spin-Valves with 2D Graphene Barriers

  • Crystal Orientation Dependent Oxidation Modes at the Buried Graphene–Cu Interface

  • Identifying the Catalyst Chemical State and Adsorbed Species during Methanol Conversion on Copper Using Ambient Pressure X-ray Spectroscopies

  • The origin of chemical inhomogeneity in garnet electrolytes and its impact on the electrochemical performance

  • Observing Formation of the Solid Electrolyte Interface By Operando Neutron Reflectivity

  • Graphene-passivated nickel as an efficient hole-injecting electrode for large area organic semiconductor devices

  • Oxidising and carburising catalyst conditioning for the controlled growth and transfer of large crystal monolayer hexagonal boron nitride

  • Reactive intercalation and oxidation at the buried graphene-germanium interface

  • Unraveling the Reaction Mechanisms of SiO Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries by Combining in Situ 7Li and ex Situ 7Li/29Si Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy.