Undergraduate Handbook

Materials Science course

The purpose of this handbook is to outline the teaching and other arrangements for undergraduates studying Materials Science and provide you with important information and advice on the various requirements of the course. It is a supplement to the  Examination Regulations which, should there be a conflict in information, always take precedence.  The handbook briefly describes the structure of lectures, practicals, tutorials and examinations, together with library, computing, career guidance, safety, counselling and other support facilities.

You should read the handbook which applies to you in your stage of your course**.

You should also read the documents on the Examinations Conventions webpage. 

PDF 2023MSHBK-prelims v1.1.pdf (1.4Mb) 
PDF 2023MSHBK-finals v1.0.pdf  (1.5Mb)

PDF 2022MSHBK-finals v1.0.pdf (1.4Mb)

PDF 2021MSHBK-prelims v1.0.pdf (1.7Mb) 
PDF 2021MSHBK-finals v1.0.pdf  (1.9Mb)

PDF 2020MSHBK-prelims v1.0.pdf (1.5Mb) 
PDF 2020MSHBK-finals v1.0.pdf  (1.6Mb)

PDF 2019MSHBK-prelims v1.2.pdf 

PDF 2019MSHBK-finals v1.1.pdf 

PDF 2018MSHBK-prelims.pdf (1.4Mb)
PDF 2018MSHBK-finals_v1.1.pdf (1.5Mb)
PDF 2018MSHBK-finals.pdf (1.5Mb) (updated version above)

PDF 2017MSHBK-prelims.pdf (596kb)
PDF 2017MSHBK-finals.pdf (692kb)

PDF 2016MSHBK-prelims.pdf (895kb)
PDF 2016MSHBK-finals_v1.1.pdf (1176kb)
PDF 2016MSHBK-finals.pdf (1176kb) (updated version above)

PDF 2015MSHBK-prelims.pdf (5Mb)
PDF 2015MSMEMHBK-finals.pdf (1257kb)

PDF 2014MSMEMHBK-prelims.pdf (1358kb)
PDF 2014MSMEMHBK-finals.pdf (1679kb)

PDF 2013MSMEMHBK-prelims.pdf (1322kb)
PDF 2013MSMEMHBK-finals.pdf (1417kb)

PDF 2012MSMEMHBK-prelims.pdf (1182kb)
PDF 2012MSMEMHBK-finals.pdf (1417kb)

PDF 2011MSMEMHBK-prelims.pdf (1163kb)
PDF 2011MSMEMHBK-finals.pdf (1338kb)

**The 1st Year Prelims course is treated as a separate course to the Part I and Part II of the Final Honours courses. This means that a student who arrived in 2020 was under the regulations of the 2020 handbook for year one (Prelims) and then under the regulation of the 2021 handbook for the subsequent two years 2021&2022 (Part I) but should refer to the more detailed 2023 Part II handbook provided at the Part II induction course.