Finance Committee (FC)

Terms of Reference | Functions | Minutes of Meetings

Contact Information

  • Enquiries should initially be directed to the committee chairman Professor Patrick Grant.
  • The Department of Materials uses maillists to contact all members of the committee. The maillist for this committee is For a full description of the maillist and how to use it please read the further information about maillists

Terms of Reference

Reports to Departmental Committee

Meets at 3.30 pm on 2nd Tuesday of each month


  1. Chair Head of Department - ex officio
  2. Head of Administration and Finance - ex officio
  3. Deputy Administrator (Finance) - ex officio
  4. Deputy Administrator (Research and Finance) - ex officio
  5. Two members of the department

Functions of the Committee

  1. Reviewing annual budget and five year financial plans, identifying development, research and funding opportunities to feed into these processes.
  2. Reviewing regular monthly reports, identifying and investigating trends.
  3. Reviewing the impact of the financial environment both internally and externally.
  4. Reviewing key service and research services within the department operating as SRFs.
  5. Receiving reports from the DA(F) and DA(R&F) on key areas of the budget, such as overheads, level of PI time included in grant applications, grant awards, etc.
  6. Reviewing and updating relevant areas of the departmental risk register.
  7. Identifying and reviewing Key Performance Indicators for the department.