Bullying and Harassment


The Department of Materials prides itself on being a positive environment in which people are treated fairly and with respect. Any form of harassment or victimisation is considered unacceptable. It is the responsibility of all members
of the department to ensure that the rights and dignity of others are respected.

If you have experienced harassment, please contact one of the department’s Harassment Advisers:

If you would prefer to speak with an advisor outside of the department, please use the contact details below:


The department has a policy for Harassment Advisors.  Click on the icon below to download a .pdf copy.  If you prefer or need a different format, please email hr@materials.ox.ac.uk,
who will be able to provide an appropriate copy for you.

PDF Harassment Advisors' Policy 2022

The University’s policy and procedure on harassment, along with additional advice and guidance, can be found here: https://edu.admin.ox.ac.uk/university-policy-on-harassment