Fellowship Opportunities

Below is a list of up-coming fellowship opportunities.

  • EPSRC Fellowships
  • European Commission Marie Curie fellowships
  • Royal Society University Research Fellowships
  • Royal Society Industrial Fellowships
  • Royal Academy of Engineering Postdoctoral research fellowships
  • Glasstone Research Fellowships in Science
  • Toshiba Research Fellowships

Existing members of department should also refer to the Fellowship information in the Materials Info Centre.

EPSRC fellowships

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EPSRC Fellowships are not open in all areas, at all career stages, at all times.

See website: http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/skills/fellows  and also see https://www.ukri.org/opportunity/ 

European Commission Marie Curie fellowships


These fellowships are for researchers at all stages of their careers, in the public and private sectors, from initial research training, specifically intended for young people, to life long learning and career development. Efforts will also be made to increase participation by women researchers, by encouraging equal opportunities in all 'Marie Curie Actions', by designing the actions to ensure that researchers can achieve an appropriate work/life balance and by facilitating resuming a research career after a break.

Website: http://ec.europa.eu/research/mariecurieactions/

Royal Society University Research Fellowships


These enable outstanding scientists to build an independent research career. Awards are tenable for five years in the first instance and cover the fellow's salary, estates and indirect costs at a rate of 80 per cent of full economic costs. Research expenses will also be provided. Approximately 35 Fellowships will be available each year. The success rate from the 2012 round was 7.9% .

Website: http://royalsociety.org/grants/schemes/university-research/   and   http://royalsociety.org/grants/schemes/

Royal Society Industry fellowships


The scheme aims to enhance knowledge transfer in science and technology between those in industry and those in academia in the UK. Awards can be for any period up to two years full time or four years pro rata.

Website: http://royalsociety.org/grants/schemes/industry-fellowship/  and   http://royalsociety.org/grants/schemes/

Royal Academy of Engineering Postdoctoral research fellowships

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These promote excellence in engineering by providing support for high-quality engineers who are developing their interests in academic research as a stepping stone to a successful research career. Fellowships are for a period of five years.

Website: https://www.raeng.org.uk/grants-and-prizes/grants/support-for-research/raeng-research-fellowship

Glasstone Research Fellowships in Science

There are two Glasstone Research Fellowships in Science available annually for early career researchers, one open to men and one open to women. These fellowships can only be held at the departments of Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Materials, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Statistics due to the restrictions of the bequest of Samuel and Violette Glasstone.

Website: https://www.mpls.ox.ac.uk/postdocs/fellowships/glasstone-research-fellowships-in-science

Toshiba Research Fellowships

These offer scientists an opportunity to join one of Toshiba’s high-tech research teams in Japan for up to two years.

Website: http://www.toshiba.eu/eu/Toshiba-Fellowship-Programme/