Practical Classes

PDF Introduction to Practical Labs for 1st Year Students (2019)
PDF Introduction to Practical Labs for 2nd Year Students (2019)
PDF Posters - UG Skills Workshop (AOT 2017)

1st Year

PDF Schedule for Y1 Practicals in MT and HT

(Practical scripts for 1st year practicals will be made available throughout the year)

PDF Practical 1P1a - Intro to Computing  PDF Practical 1P1a - background  Excel Practical 1P1a - complete  Excel Practical 1P1a - blank 
PDF Practical 1P1b - Microscopy
PDF Practical 1P2 - Introduction to MATLAB & LabVIEW    Excel 1P2 GaAs Solar Cell IV Data
PDF Practical 1P3 - Young's Modulus and Stress Analysis
PDF Practical 1P4 - Metallography
PDF Practical 1P5 - Polymers - Molecular weight effects 
PDF Practical 1P6 - Thermal Analysis 

PDF Practical 1P7 - Bubble Raft 

PDF Practical 1P8 - Electrode Potentials

Practical Scripts from 2018/19 (to be updated but available for reference)

PDF Practical - Energy Levels and Band Gaps
PDF Practical - Electrode Potentials 
PDF Practical - Fabrication and Tensile Testing  word Practical - Workshop Guide 

2nd Year

PDF Schedule for Y2 Practicals in MT and HT
PDF Practical 2P1 - Diffusion
PDF Practical 2P2 - Dislocations and Plasticity 
PDF Practical 2P3 - Casting
PDF Practical 2P4 - XRD Detective
PDF Practical 2P5 - SEM and Fracture 
PDF Practical 2P6 - Extrusion 
PDF Practical 2P7 - Corrosion
PDF Practical 2P8 - Transmission Electron Microscopy 
PDF Practical 2P9 - Steels 
PDF Practical 2P10 - Materials Selection 
PDF Practical 2P11 - Mechanical properties of polymers 
PDF Practical 2P12 - Semiconductor Devices