Quiet/Private Rooms


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Quiet/Private Rooms

The department has two private rooms for use by staff and students who need a little time away from the hustle and bustle of the busy spaces we occupy.  One space is at Begbroke in the Hirsch Building, and the other on our city centre site in 21 Banbury Road.  These are available to anyone in the department who needs a quite private space  during for a short period during the working day.  

The rooms are on our online booking system via links here (City Centre- 21BR, Begbroke - Hirsch).  The system is anonymous if you sign-in with username anon, and password anon   You have to fill in the ‘Brief Description’ field too but you can just put ‘private’.  There is also signage on the lockable door to indicate if the room is occupied or vacant. 



Possible uses of these spaces

There are lots of reasons folk might want to use these spaces, including (but not limited to):

  • taking a difficult/private phone/video call
  • dealing with a minor self-administered medical condition
  • re-centring after a difficult or tiring meeting
  • taking a moment for prayer or meditation
  • needing a few minutes break from a noisy/busy lab or office



  • Central site:  in 21 Banbury Road room 20.10 -  go up the main stairs to the top and head to the right
  • Begbroke site: in the Hirsch Building room 317.10.06 -  go straight ahead from the main entrance towards HEA/PSG offices


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Mindfulness Exercises

There a lots of exercises that you can use to help promote the feeling of calm and focus, and many who practise mindfulness regularly say it can help reduce stress and anxiety.  The exercises are often very simple and take very little time.  Here are some you might try:

  • One minute breathing:  Start by focusing on your breathing.  Once you are aware of your breathing pattern start practicing a 4-4-4 count.  Inhale for a count of four, hold for a count of four, then exhale for a count of four.
  • Hand Grasp: Grasp your hands together increasing the pressure gradually over a count to ten, then release. Keep your attention on how your hands feel while grasping and for as long as possible afterwards. Repeat... 
  • Savour a snack: Focus on your snack using all your senses not just taste. Try to describe the sensations in your mind.