Faculty of Materials


The Faculty of Materials comprises members of the Department of Materials and from other Departments on nomination. The Faculty of Materials is assigned to the Division of Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences.

Eligibility for membership of Faculty is defined in the University Statutes


  • Chair to be elected from the membership of the Faculty, for a term of normally no more than 3 years (renewed annually) at the TT meeting of Faculty. Nominations for prospective chairs will be sent to the secretary of the committee 
  • Meets once each term
  • Quorum is 10
  • Education Manager in attendance
  • Notify its decisions to the Secretary of Faculties and Academic Registrar1 and the Divisional Office

1 Council Regulations 18 of 2002

Functions of the Committee

The Faculty has

  • i. responsibility for all academic matters that require changes to Examination Regulations, and for making proposals to the relevant divisional or faculty board on matters relating to the academic activities within the Faculty.
  • ii. oversight of all academic matters that do not require changes to Examination Regulations, including the provision and delivery of teaching in all its forms and at all levels, and the recruitment, admission and induction of undergraduate and postgraduate students, the responsibility for which it delegates to the Department of Materials Academic Committee (Undergraduate) or the Materials Graduate Studies Committee, as appropriate. The Departmental Academic Committee shall inform the Faculty of all its decisions on these matters.

Policy on Conflict of Interest

Members of Faculty are asked to declare at the start of a meeting any agenda items on which they feel they have a conflict of interest.

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of the more recent meetings of Faculty are available on WebLearn. They are published here after being confirmed by the Committee as a true record.

These minutes are only accessible to members of the Committee (SharePoint contains the minutes).