Alumni Matters

The Department has been producing graduates in the fields of Metallurgy and Materials Science since the mid 1950s. During this time the department has grown into a world-class institution for the training of materials scientists and engineers and the department is at the forefront of research into the manufacture, structure, properties and applications of materials for the benefit of the UK and world community.

Since its inception the Department of Metallurgy, as it then was, has seen almost two thousand students and researchers pass through its doors. In 1996 an official Alumni Committee was formed in order to renew links with its Alumni and provide a mechanism for alumni to contact lost friends. In addition the Alumni Committee also provides a forum for linking some of the many institutions around the world that currently have Oxford Materials Alumni. We now have a database of contact details for more than 1000 Materials Alumni and we are keen to renew contact with 'lost' members.

As part the Department's commitment to fostering links with and between its alumni, the Department holds events and sends out mailshots informing Alumni of recent developments within the Department and in the field of Metallurgy and Materials Science.



Oxford Materials Alumni Group

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