Materials Info Centre


Aim of the MIC

The Materials Info Centre (MIC) is intended as the starting point for anyone trying to find internal guidance and information relevant to working within the Department of Materials. This page is publicly accessible to the world, including
search engines, but most of the linked subsections pages are private and require SSO login since the information contained within is only relevant to members of the Department of Materials.


Information that people need to know.

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Mental Health

Information about Mental Health and Wellbeing support.

Getting Started

Welcome to Department!  Arrival and induction, initial tasks checklist, settling into Oxford.

Begbroke Info

Information for people working on the Begbroke Science Park site. Minibus, maillists, stores etc.

Forms & Documents

Forms and documents from across the website.

Committees, Policies & Rules

Information about committees and links to various departmental and university policies.

Admin & Support Staff

List of all departmental support staff and a brief description of what they do. 

Communications & Events

SharePoint Online, Newsletters, digital signage, email, maillists, events management guidance, GDPR, alumni, branding and headed notepaper.

Education Support

Student support, teaching, supervision, exams, assessments, admissions, outreach, etc.

Human Resources

Recruitment, contracts, visas, immigration, equality, pensions, regrading, annual leave, etc.

Finance & Grants

Purchasing, expenses, fees, student funding, fellowships, research projects, grants, payroll, conferences, timesheets, SRFs

IT support & Data

Policies, network, registration,email, maillists, files, backup, print, photocopy, phones, security, software, hardware support, etc.

Health & Safety

Policies, risk assessments, forms, documents, safety forum, first aid, accident, incidents, training, fire, ionizing radiation, lasers etc.

Buildings & Facilities

Buildings, doors and keys, kitchens, catering, offices, labs, furniture, maintenance, waste, recycling, cleaning, etc.


Research & Equipment

Publishing, reporting outputs, research groups, equipment, bookings, research data management, patents & innovation, etc.

Stores & Workshops

Central stores, Begbroke stores, other stores, furnace room, engineering workshop, maintenance workshop.

Travel & Trips

Insurance, risk assessment, funding, expenses, visas, vaccinations, passport photos, KeyTravel

Reception Services

Reception services on Central Site and at Begbroke. Carparking, Roombookings etc.