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Information for Staff Based at Begbroke

Please send suggestions for modifications to the webmaster

  • The Begbroke contact number for on site security is 01865 854865
  • Anyone visiting Begbroke regularly should join Begbroke announce maillist, which contains an option to also receive minibus updates.
  • Any Materials people visiting Begbroke should join the begbroke-info maillist.
  • There is a cafeteria open for lunch from 12.00 - 1.30pm. A hospitality brochure is available from the cafeteria on request. 
  • The site is connected to central oxford by a frequent minibus service. See the standard Minibus timetable  and Temporary schedule from 19 April 2021
  • Approved users can book department equipment such as microscopes via the on-line booking sheets.
  • There are several meeting rooms around Begbroke which can be booked by phoning Begbroke reception on (2)83700 or emailing In addition the Department of Materials runs an on-line room booking system.
  • IT support is currently provided from the central site on an ad-hoc basis. Please contact IT staff by phone or email to report faults or request support. IT staff cannot respond if you do not tell us there is a problem.
  • Requisitions for goods should be submitted using the financial guidelines and form provided on the internal section of the department website. Goods can be delivered either to central stores or to stores at Begbroke which is run by the Begbroke reception and facilities team on 283700. Chemicals must be ordered or obtained from Begbroke stores since they cannot be transported to Begbroke. Items from central stores(see  pdf stores catalogue) must collected in person.
  • Queries about procedures at Begbroke or management of the Begbroke site should be addressed to Begbroke Reception.

About the Begbroke Site

Begbroke Aerial Photo

In 1999 the University purchased a new 200 acre site, 5 miles north of the city centre, close to the villages of Begbroke, Yarnton and Kidlington. Most of the site is arable farmland, let to a local farmer. However, the central 10 acres of the site contain just under 8,000 sq m of laboratories and offices, which were previously used as the corporate R&D centre of a multinational materials and manufacturing company. The University is converting this core site into a science park - Oxford University Begbroke Science Park (OUBSP). The objective is to provide a unique environment for industry-linked academic research into materials and fabrication, immediately adjacent to related spin-out materials-based manufacturing companies.

The University's initial investment together with associated JIF and industrial funding amounted to a £23m development. The overall scientific theme is to understand the manufacture of tailor-made and atomically engineered materials using sophisticated atomistic modelling, atomic resolution microanalysis and novel sensor techniques, for applications in the automotive, aerospace, power, biomedical and IT industries. The new site will have the most advanced and extensive characterisation facilities available anywhere in the world, and will have specialist simulation equipment for atomic level monitoring and control of the manufacture of a wide range of materials and products. Projects include recycled aluminium alloys for pollution-free cars, biosensors for medical, environmental and food monitoring, superconducting components for low loss energy supply and efficient satellite telecommunications, organic and ceramic materials for high brightness displays in videophones and flat TV screens, improved hip and other joint replacement prostheses, high-integrity long shelf life plastic packaging, and quantum dot structures for the next generation computers, lasers and other optoelectronic devices.

Half the site is academic research facilities and the other half is high tech science spin-out companies. Currently six university departments have research laboratories at Begbroke. Intellectual advances and scientific understanding generated in the research centres can be implemented via initial business incubation, start-up and second phase operations on a single site. The Innovation Centre, owned and managed by Oxford University (Begbroke Directorate), can be contacted at 01865 854800.

History of Begbroke