Joint Consultative Committee for Postgraduates (JCCG)

Functions of the Committee

To consult with the research student body of the Department and its representatives, and to advise the Faculty, Head of Department and Director of Graduate Studies of any issues which it thinks relevant. To arrange social events for research students. The Chairperson to report once per term to the Department of Materials Academic Committee.

Contact maillists - whole committee - student members only


Minutes of Meetings & Membership of Committee

The current membership of the committee, together with agenda and minutes of the meetings of JCCG are available on Sharepoint The minutes are published here after being confirmed by the Committee as a true record.

These minutes are only accessible to members of the Department of Materials

Begbroke Bus Survey

The JCCG is interested in keeping a more formal record of issues concerning the Begbroke Bus service, and so we have created an online form for students to complete every time they encounter a problem with the bus service. The form is accessible online here: JCCG Minibus Questionnaire

If you have any questions please contact