David Armstrong

Selected Publications

  • 2020 roadmap on solid-state batteries

  • Measuring the brittle-to-ductile transition temperature of tungsten–tantalum alloy using chevron-notched micro-cantilevers

  • Statistically sound application of fiber push-out method for the study of locally non-uniform interfacial properties of SiC-SiC fiber composites

  • Microstructural and micromechanical assessment of aged ultra-fast sintered functionally graded iron/tungsten composites

  • Sodium/Na β″ Alumina Interface: Effect of Pressure on Voids.

  • Effects of neutron irradiation on the brittle to ductile transition in single crystal tungsten

  • Decoration of voids with rhenium and osmium transmutation products in neutron irradiated single crystal tungsten

  • Short communication: ‘Low activation, refractory, high entropy alloys for nuclear applications’

  • Evaluation of Fracture Toughness Measurements Using Chevron-Notched Silicon and Tungsten Microcantilevers

  • Radiation-induced segregation in W-Re: from kinetic Monte Carlo simulations to atom probe tomography experiments