Sergio Lozano-Perez

Selected Publications

  • Investigating the stability of second phase particles in Zr-Nb alloys under irradiation

  • Observation of internal oxidation in a 20% cold-worked Fe-17Cr-12Ni stainless steel through high-resolution characterization

  • A high-resolution characterization of the oxide-metal interface in Zircaloy-4 and its relation to the oxidation and hydrogen pickup mechanisms

  • Hydrogen pickup during oxidation in aqueous environments: The role of nano-pores and nano-pipes in zirconium oxide films

  • Mechanism of the α-Zr to hexagonal-ZrO transformation and its impact on the corrosion performance of nuclear Zr alloys

  • On the depth resolution of transmission Kikuchi diffraction (TKD) analysis.

  • A multi-technique study of “barrier layer” nano-porosity in Zr oxides during corrosion and hydrogen pickup using (S)TEM, TKD, APT and NanoSIMS

  • Crystallisation of amorphous Al-Sm-Ni-(Cu) alloys

  • Forescattered electron imaging of nanoparticles in scanning electron microscopy

  • The progress of SPP oxidation in zircaloy-4 and its relation to corrosion and hydrogen pickup

  • More
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