Nicole Grobert

Selected Publications

  • Electrochemically active water repelling perfluorinated polyaniline films

    Dallas, P, Tomšík, E, Sang Jones, R, Xiao, A, Milnes-Smith, E, Grobert, N, Porfyrakis, K
  • Nacre-like alumina with unique high strain rate capabilities

    Evers, K, Falco, S, Grobert, N, Todd, RI
  • MWCNT-coated alumina micro-platelets for nacre-like biomimetic composites

    Evers, K, Porwal, H, Todd, RI, Grobert, N
  • The application of the surface energy based solubility parameter theory for the rational design of polymer-functionalized MWCNTs.

    Quijano Velasco, P, Porfyrakis, K, Grobert, N
  • Targeted T1 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Enhancement with Extraordinarily Small CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles.

    Piché, D, Tavernaro, I, Fleddermann, J, Lozano, JG, Varambhia, A, Maguire, ML, Koch, M, Ukai, T, Hernández Rodríguez, AJ, Jones, L, Dillon, F, Reyes Molina, I
    et al
  • Single-Step Spray Printing of Symmetric All-Organic Solid-State Batteries Based on Porous Textile Dye Electrodes

    Leung, P, Bu, J, Quijano Velasco, P, Roberts, MR, Grobert, N, Grant, PS
  • Versatile in situ gas analysis apparatus for nanomaterials reactors.

    Meysami, SS, Snoek, LC, Grobert, N
  • In situ engineering of NanoBud geometries.

    Nicholls, RJ, Britton, J, Meysami, SS, Koós, AA, Grobert, N
  • Probing the bonding in nitrogen-doped graphene using electron energy loss spectroscopy.

    Nicholls, RJ, Murdock, AT, Tsang, J, Britton, J, Pennycook, TJ, Koós, A, Nellist, PD, Grobert, N, Yates, JR
  • Aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition synthesis of multi-wall carbon nanotubes: I. Mapping the reactor

    Meysami, SS, Dillon, F, Koós, AA, Aslam, Z, Grobert, N
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