Angus Kirkland

Selected Publications

  • Anisotropic Fracture Dynamics Due to Local Lattice Distortions.

  • Atomic electrostatic maps of 1D channels in 2D semiconductors using 4D scanning transmission electron microscopy.

  • Atomic Resolution Defocused Electron Ptychography at Low Dose with a Fast, Direct Electron Detector.

  • Characterization of grain boundary disconnections in SrTiO3 Part II: the influence of superimposed disconnections on image analysis

  • Imaging Three-Dimensional Elemental Inhomogeneity in Pt-Ni Nanoparticles Using Spectroscopic Single Particle Reconstruction.

  • In situ high temperature atomic level dynamics of large inversion domain formations in monolayer MoS2.

  • Mononuclear gold species anchored on TS-1 framework as catalyst precursor for selective epoxidation of propylene

  • In Situ Atomic-Level Studies of Gd Atom Release and Migration on Graphene from a Metallofullerene Precursor.

  • In-Situ Annealing of the (110) and (001) Surfaces of SrTiO3 Nanocuboids by High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy

  • Hollow Electron Ptychographic Diffractive Imaging.

  • More
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