Angus Kirkland

Selected Publications

  • Phase reconstruction using fast binary 4D STEM data

  • A 3D map of atoms in 2D materials.

  • Quantifying oxygen distortions in lithium-rich transition-metal-oxide cathodes using ABF STEM.

  • Molecular nitrogen promotes catalytic hydrodeoxygenation

  • Giant Photoinduced Chirality in Thin Film Ge2Sb2Te5

  • Simultaneous Identification of Low and High Atomic Number Atoms in Monolayer 2D Materials Using 4D Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy.

  • Corrosion of Gold by a Nanoscale Gold and Copper Beltlike Structure

  • Anisotropic Fracture Dynamics Due to Local Lattice Distortions.

  • Formation and Healing of Defects in Atomically Thin GaSe and InSe.

  • Atomic electrostatic maps of 1D channels in 2D semiconductors using 4D scanning transmission electron microscopy.

  • More
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