Enzo Liotti

Selected Publications

Publications listing

  • E. Liotti, C. Arteta, A. Zisserman, A. Lui, V. Lempitsky, and P. S. Grant. Crystal nucleation in metallic alloys using x-ray radiography and machine learning. Science Advances, 4(4), 2018
  • S. Feng, E. Liotti, A. Lui, S. Kumar, A. Mahadevegowda, K. A. Q. O'Reilly, and P. S. Grant. An in-situ method to estimate the tip temperature and phase selection of secondary Fe-rich intermetallics using synchrotron x-ray radiography. Scripta Materialia, 149:44 -48, 2018
  • E. Liotti, A. Lui, S. Kumar, Z. Guo, C. Bi, T. Connolley, and P. S. Grant. The spatial and temporal distribution of dendrite fragmentation in solidifying Al-Cu alloys under different conditions. Acta Materialia, 121:384-395, 2016
  • E. Liotti, A. Lui, T. Connolley, I.P. Dolbnya, K.J.S. Sawhney, A. Malandain, M.D. Wilson, M.C. Veale, P. Seller, and P.S. Grant. Mapping of multi-elements during melting and solidication using synchrotron x-rays and pixel-based spectroscopy. Scientic Reports, 5:15988,  2015
  • E. Liotti, A. Lui, R. Vincent, S. Kumar, Z. Guo, T. Connolley, I. P. Dolbnya, M. Hart, L. Arnberg, R. H. Mathiesen, and P. S. Grant. A synchrotron x-ray radiography study of dendrite fragmentation induced by a pulsed electromagnetic eld in an Al-15Cu alloy. Acta Materialia, 70:228-239, 2014