Peter Bruce FRS

Selected Publications

  • A new approach to very high lithium salt content quasi-solid state electrolytes for lithium metals batteries using plastic crystals

  • Energy materials for a low carbon future.

  • Critical stripping current leads to dendrite formation on plating in lithium anode solid electrolyte cells.

  • Nature of the "Z"-phase in Layered Na-ion Battery Cathodes

  • What Triggers Oxygen Loss in Oxygen Redox Cathode Materials?

  • 7Li NMR Chemical Shift Imaging to Detect MicrostructuralGrowth of Lithium in All Solid-State Batteries

  • Enhanced Li-O 2 Battery Performance in a Binary “Liquid Teflon” and Dual Redox Mediators

  • Stabilizing Lithium into Cross-Stacked Nanotube Sheets with an Ultra-High Specific Capacity for Lithium Oxygen Batteries.

  • Dental Resin Monomer Enables Unique NbO2/Carbon Lithium-Ion Battery Negative Electrode with Exceptional Performance

  • Low-Dose Aberration-Free Imaging of Li-Rich Cathode Materials at Various States of Charge Using Electron Ptychography.

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