Peter Bruce FRS

Selected Publications

  • Imaging Sodium Dendrite Growth in all-Solid-State Sodium Batteries using 23Na T2-weighted MRI

  • Rational Design and Mechanical Understanding of Three-Dimensional Macro-/Mesoporous Silicon Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes with a Tunable Pore Size and Wall Thickness

  • 2020 roadmap on solid-state batteries

  • The role of Ni and Co in suppressing O-loss in Li-rich layered cathodes

  • Current Density Dependent Electroplating in Ca Electrolytes: From Globules to Dendrites

  • Charging Mechanism of Li2MnO3

  • Observation of Interfacial Degradation of Li6PS5Cl against Lithium Metal and LiCoO2 via In Situ Electrochemical Raman Microscopy

  • Lightning fast conduction

  • Lithium-Oxygen Batteries and Related Systems: Potential, Status, and Future.

  • First cycle voltage hysteresis in Li-rich 3d cathodes associated with molecular O2 trapped in the bulk