Marina Galano

Selected Publications

  • Oxidation studies of Al alloys: Part I Al-Cu (liquid phase) alloy

  • High Strain Rate Behaviour of Nano-quasicrystalline Al93Fe3Cr2Ti2 Alloy and Composites

  • Oxidation studies of Al alloys: Part II Al-Mg alloy

  • Elevated temperature mechanical behaviour of nanoquasicrystalline Al93Fe3Cr2Ti2 alloy and composites

  • On the valence electron theory to estimate the transformation temperatures of Cu-Al-based shape memory alloys

  • Effect of dislocations and residual stresses on the martensitic transformation of Cu-Al-Ni-Mn shape memory alloy powders

  • Nanoquasicrystalline Al-Fe-Cr-Ti alloy matrix/γ-Al2O3nanocomposite powders: The effect of the ball milling process

  • Effect of al addition to rapidly solidified Mg-Cu-Rare earth alloys

  • Strengthening mechanisms in an Al-Fe-Cr-Ti nano-quasicrystalline alloy and composites

  • Phase transformation and shape memory effect of a Cu-Al-Ni-Mn-Nb high temperature shape memory alloy

  • More
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