Richard Todd

Selected Publications

  • Characterisation of damage mechanisms in oxide ceramics indented at dynamic and quasi-static strain rates

    Dancer, CEJ, Spawton, JNF, Falco, S, Petrinic, N, Todd, RI
  • Nacre-like alumina with unique high strain rate capabilities

    Evers, K, Falco, S, Grobert, N, Todd, RI
  • MWCNT-coated alumina micro-platelets for nacre-like biomimetic composites

    Evers, K, Porwal, H, Todd, RI, Grobert, N
  • Ultra-fast firing: Effect of heating rate on sintering of 3YSZ, with and without an electric field

    Ji, W, Parker, B, Falco, S, Zhang, JY, Fu, ZY, Todd, RI
  • Liquid-phase assisted flash sintering of SiC from powder mixtures prepared by aqueous colloidal processing

    Candelario, VM, Moreno, R, Todd, RI, Ortiz, AL
  • Abrasive wear rate of boron carbide ceramics: Influence of microstructural and mechanical aspects on their tribological response

    Moshtaghioun, BM, Gomez-Garcia, D, Dominguez-Rodriguez, A, Todd, RI
  • Transient liquid phase spark plasma sintering of B4C-based ceramics using Ti-Al intermetallics as sintering aid

    Ji, W, Todd, RI, Wang, W, Wang, H, Zhang, J, Fu, Z
  • Grain size dependence of hardness and fracture toughness in pure near fully-dense boron carbide ceramics

    Moshtaghioun, BM, Gomez-Garcia, D, Dominguez-Rodriguez, A, Todd, RI
  • Microcantilever investigation of fracture toughness and subcritical crack growth on the scale of the microstructure in Al2O3

    Norton, AD, Falco, S, Young, N, Severs, J, Todd, RI
  • Stiffness, strength and interwall sliding in aligned and continuous multi-walled carbon nanotube/glass composite microcantilevers

    Otieno, G, Koos, A, Dillon, F, Yahya, NA, Dancer, CEJ, Hughes, GM, Grobert, N, Todd, RI
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