Chris Grovenor

Selected Publications

  • Effect of the sintering temperature on the microstructure and superconducting properties of MgB2 bulks manufactured by the field assisted sintering technique

  • Design and characterisation of ex situ bulk MgB2 superconductors containing a nanoscale dispersion of artificial pinning centres

  • Three-Dimensional Imaging of Selenium and Chlorine Distributions in Highly Efficient Selenium-Graded Cadmium Telluride Solar Cells

  • Investigating the stability of second phase particles in Zr-Nb alloys under irradiation

  • Hydrogen pickup during oxidation in aqueous environments: The role of nano-pores and nano-pipes in zirconium oxide films

  • Comparison of interfacial and critical current behaviour of Al+Al2O3 sheathed MgB2 wires with Ta and Ti diffusion barriers

  • Mechanism of the α-Zr to hexagonal-ZrO transformation and its impact on the corrosion performance of nuclear Zr alloys

  • An integrated modeling and experimental approach to study hydrogen pickup mechanism in zirconium alloys

  • On the depth resolution of transmission Kikuchi diffraction (TKD) analysis.

  • A multi-technique study of “barrier layer” nano-porosity in Zr oxides during corrosion and hydrogen pickup using (S)TEM, TKD, APT and NanoSIMS

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