Paul Bagot

Selected Publications

  • Decoration of voids with rhenium and osmium transmutation products in neutron irradiated single crystal tungsten

    Lloyd, MJ, Abernethy, RG, Gilbert, MR, Griffiths, I, Bagot, PAJ, Nguyen-Manh, D, Moody, MP, Armstrong, DEJ
  • Bimetallic Fe-Ni/SiO2 catalysts for furfural hydrogenation: Identification of the interplay between Fe and Ni during deposition-precipitation and thermal treatments

    Shi, D, Yang, Q, Peterson, C, Lamic-Humblot, AF, Girardon, JS, Griboval-Constant, A, Stievano, L, Sougrati, MT, Briois, V, Bagot, PAJ, Wojcieszak, R, Paul, S
    et al
  • Partitioning of Ti and Kinetic Growth Predictions on the Thermally Grown Chromia Scale of a Polycrystalline Nickel-Based Superalloy

    Pedrazzini, S, Rowlands, BS, Turk, A, Parr, IMD, Hardy, MC, Bagot, PAJ, Moody, MP, Galindo-Nava, E, Stone, HJ
  • An in-situ approach for preparing atom probe tomography specimens by xenon plasma-focussed ion beam.

    Halpin, JE, Webster, RWH, Gardner, H, Moody, MP, Bagot, PAJ, MacLaren, DA
  • Insight into the impact of atomic- and nano-scale indium distributions on the optical properties of InGaN/GaN quantum well structures grown on m -plane freestanding GaN substrates

    Tang, F, Zhu, T, Fu, WY, Oehler, F, Zhang, S, Griffiths, JT, Humphreys, C, Martin, TL, Bagot, PAJ, Moody, MP, Patra, SK, Schulz, S
    et al
  • Atom Probe Tomography Investigations of Microstructural Evolution in an Aged Nickel Superalloy for Exhaust Applications

    Gardner, H, Pedrazzini, S, Douglas, JO, De Lille, D, Moody, MP, Bagot, PAJ
  • A Gas-Phase Reaction Cell for Modern Atom Probe Systems.

    Haley, D, McCarroll, I, Bagot, PAJ, Cairney, JM, Moody, MP
  • DF-Fit: A Robust Algorithm for Detection of Crystallographic Information in Atom Probe Tomography Data.

    Haley, D, Bagot, PAJ, Moody, MP
  • Effect of Nb and Fe on damage evolution in a Zr-alloy during proton and neutron irradiation

    Francis, E, Babu, RP, Harte, A, Martin, TL, Frankel, P, Jädernäs, D, Romero, J, Hallstadius, L, Bagot, PAJ, Moody, MP, Preuss, M
  • Extending continuum models for atom probe simulation

    Haley, D, Bagot, PAJ, Moody, MP
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