Paul Bagot

Selected Publications

  • A study of the interaction of oxygen with the α2 phase in the model alloy Ti–7wt%Al

    Gardner, HM, Radecka, A, Rugg, D, Armstrong, DEJ, Moody, MP, Bagot, PAJ
  • Element segregation and α2 formation in primary α of a near-α Ti-alloy

    Dichtl, C, Zhang, Z, Gardner, H, Bagot, P, Radecka, A, Dye, D, Thomas, M, Sandala, R, da Fonseca, JQ, Preuss, M
  • The Effect of Composition Variations on the Response of Steels Subjected to High Fluence Neutron Irradiation

    Jenkins, BM, Douglas, JO, Almirall, N, Riddle, N, Bagot, PAJ, Hyde, JM, Odette, GR, Moody, MP
  • The effect of hydrogen on the early stages of oxidation of a magnesium alloy

    HALEY, D, McCarrol, I, MOODY, M, Thomas, S, Cairney, J, Meier, M, BAGOT, P, Birbilis, N
  • Reflections on the Analysis of Interfaces and Grain Boundaries by Atom Probe Tomography.

    Jenkins, BM, Danoix, F, Gouné, M, Gault, B, Peng, Z, Moody, MP, Bagot, PAJ
  • Impurity and texture driven HCP-to-FCC transformations in Ti-X thin films during in situ TEM annealing and FIB milling

    Traylor, R, Zhang, R, Kacher, J, Douglas, JO, Bagot, PAJ, Minor, AM
  • Using alpha hulls to automatically and reproducibly detect edge clusters in atom probe tomography datasets

    Jenkins, BM, London, AJ, Riddle, N, Hyde, JM, Bagot, PAJ, Moody, MP
  • The Kinetics of Primary Alpha Plate Growth in Titanium Alloys

    Ackerman, AK, Knowles, AJ, Gardner, HM, Nemeth, AAN, Bantounas, I, Radecka, A, Moody, MP, Bagot, PAJ, Reed, RC, Rugg, D, Dye, D
  • Observing hydrogen in steel using cryogenic atom probe tomography: A simplified approach

    Chen, Y-S, Bagot, PAJ, Moody, MP, Haley, D
  • Decoration of voids with rhenium and osmium transmutation products in neutron irradiated single crystal tungsten

    Lloyd, MJ, Abernethy, RG, Gilbert, MR, Griffiths, I, Bagot, PAJ, Nguyen-Manh, D, Moody, MP, Armstrong, DEJ
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