Edmund Tarleton

  • Formation of prismatic dislocation loops during unloading in nanoindentation

  • Modified deformation behaviour of self-ion irradiated tungsten: A combined nano-indentation, HR-EBSD and crystal plasticity study

  • Orientation dependence of the nano-indentation behaviour of pure tungsten

  • Scratching the surface: Elastic rotations beneath nanoscratch and nanoindentation tests

  • Cold Creep of Titanium: Analysis of stress relaxation using synchrotron diffraction and crystal plasticity simulations

  • A phase field model for the growth and characteristic thickness of deformation-induced twins

  • A modelling framework for coupled hydrogen diffusion and mechanical behaviour of engineering components

  • An improved method to model dislocation self-climb

  • Simulating hydrogen in fcc materials with discrete dislocation plasticity

  • In situ measurement and modelling of the growth and length scale of twins in α-uranium