Jan Czernuszka

Selected Publications

  • Collagen type I and hyaluronic acid based hybrid scaffolds for heart valve tissue engineering.

  • Trilayer scaffold with cardiosphere-derived cells for heart valve tissue engineering.

  • Fabrication of biocompatible porous scaffolds based on hydroxyapatite/collagen/chitosan composite for restoration of defected maxillofacial mandible bone.

  • An Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of the Ponseti Method in Clubfoot Treatment.

  • Improved angiogenic cell penetration in vitro and in vivo in collagen scaffolds with internal channels.

  • Characterisation of freeze-dried type II collagen and chondroitin sulfate scaffolds.

  • Characterizing the microstructure of Arctica islandica shells using NanoSIMS and EBSD

  • Tenocyte proliferation on collagen scaffolds protects against degradation and improves scaffold properties.

  • Development of a novel anisotropic self-inflating tissue expander: in vivo submucoperiosteal performance in the porcine hard palate.

  • Manufacture and Mechanical Testing of Collagen Scaffold with Channels

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