Rebecca Nicholls

Selected Publications

  • A high-resolution characterization of the oxide-metal interface in Zircaloy-4 and its relation to the oxidation and hydrogen pickup mechanisms

  • Theory of momentum-resolved phonon spectroscopy in the electron microscope

  • The association of hydrogen with nanometre bubbles of helium implanted into zirconium

  • Nanoscale momentum-resolved vibrational spectroscopy.

  • Direct visualization of electrical transport-induced alloy formation and composition changes in filled multi-wall carbon nanotubes by in situ scanning transmission electron microscopy

  • Influence of point defects on the near edge structure of hexagonal boron nitride

  • Robust theoretical modelling of core ionisation edges for quantitative electron energy loss spectroscopy of B- and N-doped graphene.

  • Counting vacancies and nitrogen-vacancy centers in detonation nanodiamond.

  • Electronic Structure Modification of Ion Implanted Graphene: The Spectroscopic Signatures of p- and n-Type Doping.

  • Vibrational phonon spectroscopy of boron nitride polymorphs: a comparison between theory and experiment

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