Keyna O'Reilly

Selected Publications

  • The Role of Grain Refiner in the Nucleation of AlFeSi Intermetallic Phases During Solidification of a 6xxx Aluminum Alloy

  • Oxidation studies of Al alloys: Part II Al-Mg alloy

  • Oxidation studies of Al alloys: Part I Al-Cu (liquid phase) alloy

  • An in-situ method to estimate the tip temperature and phase selection of secondary Fe-rich intermetallics using synchrotron X-ray radiography

  • X-Ray Computed Tomography versus Metallography for Porosity Analysis in Aluminium RPT Castings

  • Influence of Trace Element Additions on Fe Bearing Intermetallic Solidification of a 6063 Al Alloy

  • Influence of Al grain structure on Fe bearing intermetallics during DC casting of an Al-Mg-Si alloy

  • Evolution of Fe Bearing Intermetallics During DC Casting and Homogenization of an Al-Mg-Si Al Alloy

  • Effect of Mn on Fe containing phase formation in high purity aluminium

  • Melt conditioned direct chill casting (MC-DC) process for production of high quality aluminium alloy billets

  • More