Martin Castell

Selected Publications

  • Shapes of epitaxial gold nanocrystals on SrTiO3 substrates.

    Chen, P, Murugappan, K, Castell, MR
  • Atomic and electronic structure of an epitaxial Nb2O3 honeycomb monolayer on Au(111)

    Wang, S, Goniakowski, J, Noguera, C, Castell, MR
  • Thermal Degradation of Monolayer MoS2 on SrTiO3 Supports

    Chen, P, Xu, W, Gao, Y, Holdway, P, Warner, JH, Castell, MR
  • Influence of the support on stabilizing local defects in strained monolayer oxide films.

    Wang, S, Hu, X, Goniakowski, J, Noguera, C, Castell, MR
  • Epitaxial Growth of Monolayer MoS2 on SrTiO3 Single Crystal Substrates for Applications in Nanoelectronics

    Chen, P, Xu, W, Gao, Y, Warner, JH, Castell, MR
  • Electrical percolation through a discontinuous Au nanoparticle film

    Lefferts, MJ, Murugappan, K, Wu, C, Castell, MR
  • Bridging electrode gaps with conducting polymers around the electrical percolation threshold

    Murugappan, K, Castell, MR
  • Maximising the resolving power of the scanning tunneling microscope.

    Jones, L, Wang, S, Hu, X, Ur Rahman, S, Castell, MR
  • Metal-free chemical vapor deposition growth of graphitic tubular structures on engineered perovskite oxide substrates

    Sun, J, Dillon, F, Wu, C, Jiang, J, Jurkschat, K, Koos, AA, Crossley, A, Grobert, N, Castell, MR
  • Transition from Order to Configurational Disorder for Surface Reconstructions on SrTiO_{3}(111).

    Marks, LD, Chiaramonti, AN, Rahman, SU, Castell, MR
  • Stoichiometry engineering of ternary oxide ultrathin films: BaxTi2O3 on Au(111)

    Wu, C, Castell, MR, Goniakowski, J, Noguera, C
  • Vapour sensing of explosive materials

    Lefferts, MJ, Castell, MR
  • Controlled growth of Ni nanocrystals on SrTiO(3) and their application in the catalytic synthesis of carbon nanotubes.

    Sun, J, Wu, C, Silly, F, Koós, AA, Dillon, F, Grobert, N, Castell, MR
  • Structure and composition of linear TiO x nanostructures on SrTiO 3(001)

    Marshall, MSJ, Becerra-Toledo, AE, Payne, DJ, Egdell, RG, Marks, LD, Castell, MR
  • Formation Mechanism for a Hybrid Supramolecular Network Involving Cooperative Interactions

    Mura, M, Silly, F, Burlakov, V, Castell, MR, Briggs, GAD, Kantorovich, LN
  • Ba and BaO x surface structures on Au(111)

    Wu, C, Castell, MR
  • Surface and Defect Structure of Oxide Nanowires on SrTiO3 (vol 107, 086102, 2011)

    Marshall, MSJ, Becerra-Toledo, AE, Marks, LD, Castell, MR
  • Surface and defect structure of oxide nanowires on SrTiO3.

    Marshall, MSJ, Becerra-Toledo, AE, Marks, LD, Castell, MR