Patrick Grant FREng

Selected Publications

  • In-situ X-ray radiography of twinned crystal growth of primary Al13Fe4

  • Scalable Multilayer Printing of Graphene Interfacial Layers for Ultrahigh Power Lithium-Ion Storage

  • Effect of the sintering temperature on the microstructure and superconducting properties of MgB2 bulks manufactured by the field assisted sintering technique

  • Design and characterisation of ex situ bulk MgB2 superconductors containing a nanoscale dispersion of artificial pinning centres

  • Active Metamaterials with Negative Static Electric Susceptibility

  • In-line measurement of the dielectric permittivity of materials during additive manufacturing and 3D data reconstruction

  • Experimental evaluation of 3D printed spiral phase plates for enabling an orbital angular momentum multiplexed radio system

  • Electrochemical Mechanics of Metal Thin Films: Charge-Induced Reversible Surface Stress for Actuation

  • Combining composition graded positive and negative electrodes for higher performance Li-ion batteries

  • The Role of Grain Refiner in the Nucleation of AlFeSi Intermetallic Phases During Solidification of a 6xxx Aluminum Alloy