Patrick Grant FREng

Selected Publications

  • Overcoming diffusion limitations in supercapacitors using layered electrodes

  • Single-operation, multi-phase additive manufacture of electro-chemical double layer capacitor devices

  • Layer-by-layer printing of multi-layered heterostructures using Li 4 Ti 5 O 12 and Si for high power Li-ion storage

  • Ultrasonic liquid metal processing: The essential role of cavitation bubbles in controlling acoustic streaming.

  • Micro-scale graded electrodes for improved dynamic and cycling performance of Li-ion batteries

  • Spray-Printed and Self-Assembled Honeycomb Electrodes of Silicon-Decorated Carbon Nanofibers for Li-Ion Batteries.

  • Spray printing and optimization of anodes and cathodes for high performance Li-Ion batteries

  • 3D-printed lambda/4 phase plate for broadband microwave applications

  • Model for the evaluation of the loss tangent of a dielectric material with a scanning split-ring resonator probe

  • A novel hybrid supercapacitor with a carbon nanotube cathode and an iron oxide/carbon nanotube composite anode

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