Jason Smith

Selected Publications

  • Laser writing of individual nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond with near-unity yield

  • Single Nitrogen-Vacancy Imaging in Nanodiamonds for Multimodal Sensing

  • Diamond photonics for distributed quantum networks

  • Valley-addressable polaritons in atomically thin semiconductors

  • Cavity-Enhanced Single-Photon Source Based on the Silicon-Vacancy Center in Diamond

  • Laser writing of coherent colour centres in diamond

  • Electrically tunable organic-inorganic hybrid polaritons with monolayer WS2.

  • Gain spectroscopy and tunable single mode lasing of solution-based quantum dots and nanoplatelets using tunable open microcavities

  • Strong Exciton-Photon Coupling with Colloidal Nanoplatelets in an Open Microcavity.

  • Nanoparticle Trapping and Characterization Using Open Microcavities.

  • More
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