Roger Reed FREng

Selected Publications

  • Synthetic bone: Design by additive manufacturing.

  • Grain boundary properties of a nickel-based superalloy: Characterisation and modelling

  • On the microtwinning mechanism in a single crystal superalloy

  • On the breakaway oxidation of Fe9Cr1Mo steel in high pressure CO2

  • Environmentally-assisted grain boundary attack as a mechanism of embrittlement in a nickel-based superalloy

  • On the role of boron on improving ductility in a new polycrystalline superalloy

  • On the mechanisms of superplasticity in Ti-6Al-4V

  • Modelling of the influence of alloy composition on flow stress in high-strength nickel-based superalloys

  • Effects of elemental vaporization and condensation during heat treatment of single crystal superalloys

  • Linear friction welding of titanium alloys for aeroengine applications: Modelling and validation