James Marrow

Selected Publications

  • J-Integral Analysis: An EDXD and DIC Comparative Study for a Fatigue Crack

  • Measuring the brittle-to-ductile transition temperature of tungsten–tantalum alloy using chevron-notched micro-cantilevers

  • Analysis of Interfacial Effects in All-Solid-State Batteries with Thiophosphate Solid Electrolytes.

  • Characterisation of slip and twin activity using digital image correlation and crystal plasticity finite element simulation: Application to orthorhombic α-uranium

  • Procedure for accurate calculation of the J-integral from digital volume correlation displacement data

  • Sodium/Na β″ Alumina Interface: Effect of Pressure on Voids.

  • A 3D full-field study of cracks in a nuclear graphite under mode I and mode II cyclic dwell loading conditions

  • Fatigue crack closure: A myth or a misconception?

  • A new method for predicting susceptibility of austenitic stainless steels to intergranular stress corrosion cracking

  • Critical stripping current leads to dendrite formation on plating in lithium anode solid electrolyte cells.

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