The Sympa maillist system is operated by IT services. The Department has several maillists in order to communicate with members of department. These lists are administered by Department IT staff. New users should be added to the appropriate lists automatically as part of the department registration process. 

Specific Groups of People

Everyone in the Department, including visitors and Part II students but NOT undergraduates.
All members of the list can post messages directly to this list.
Please write clearly and succinctly and avoid attachments if possible.
Only use this list if you need to contact everyone. Use lists below for more targeted mailing. Also consider circulating your information via the Departmental Newsletter in order to reduce the number of messages sent to notices@materials.

Note that this maillists archive is publically accessible to the world. View archive

Senior Staff
This consists of senior staff employed, or working substantially, in the Department. Membership includes - Professors, plus researchers and staff employed at grades 8 and above.

Senior Non Staff
This consists of Senior Visiting Professors and Emeritus Professors. (see list)

Senior Fellows
This consists of Senior Fellows. (see list)

Research staff 
This list is also used to alert research staff of funding opportunities and job opportunities. (see list)

Research Students (including visiting students)
This list contacts all research students. It is possible to use the subsidiary lists to contact individual year groups defined at the annual induction in October.

Undergraduate Students 
This list contacts all undergraduate students. Please use the subsidiary lists to contact individual year groups.

Administrative Staff
This list contacts all administrative staff.

This list contacts all technical support staff.

This list contacts all tutors.

Teaching Laboratory Demonstrators
This list contacts all demonstrators helping with practicals in the teaching laboratory.

Begbroke - Materials information
Any member of the Department of Materials visiting Begbroke Science Parkfairly frequently should join the begbroke-info maillist to recieve Materials information about Begbroke.

Begbroke - Site information
Anyone visiting Begbroke on a daily basis should join the begbroke-announce maillist which is run by the Begbroke Directorate and is used to announce meetings, parking changes, company news and general operational information.

Electron Microscopy - Equipment information for Users
Everyone using equipment operated by the Electron Microscopy groupshould join the em-notices maillist. See  on-line booking system.
Problems with the equipment should be reported to the technical staff via

XRD - Equipment information for Users
Everyone using departmental XRD equipment operated should join the xrd maillist.

Materials Modelling Laboratory - information for Users
All active users of the Materials Modelling Laboratory should join the mml-members maillist.

Materials Modelling Laboratory - information about modelling seminars
Anyone wishing to receive notification about modelling seminars should join the mml-seminars maillist.

Mathematics and Physical Sciences Division uses to contact University Professors and Associate Professors. (as per list
University Estates uses to circulate buildings information to Facilites staff.

The Atom Probe group maintains an atomprobe-users@materials maillist for users of the atom probes.
The  Begbroke Cleanroom maintains materials-cleanroom@maillist for cleanroom equipment users.
The  Biomaterials group maintains an biomaterials@materials maillist for group members.
The  Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis Group maintains emm-group@maillist for group members.
The  Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis Group maintains em-faults@maillist for reporting faults to the technical support group.
The  Fusion Materials Group maintains fusion@materials for group members.
The  Grobert Group maintains grobert-group@materials maillist for group members.
The  OMCS Group maintains omcs@materials maillist for group members.
The  Briggs Group maintains the quantum-materials@maillist for topical discussions.
The  Peter Bruce Group maintains pgb_group@maillist for group members.

EM facility maillists

All users of the EM facility are added to the for general announcements about the facility.

In addition each microscope has iit's own maillist.  EM Facility staff use these lists to communicate instrument status, give any updates an instrument performance or other relevant information. Users should use these lists for communicating with other users when you have cancelled sessions or made sessions available, or for instrument specific issues.

Any problems with the instruments must be reported to


Department Committees

Departmental Committee - further information about DC

Department of Materials Academic Committee - further information about DMAC

Faculty of Materials - further information about Faculty

Department of Materials Finance Committee - further information about FC

IT Committee - further information about ITC

Joint Consultative Committee for Graduates - Chairman and Secretary only further information about JCCG

Joint Consultative Committee for Graduates - whole committee further information about JCCG

Joint Consultative Committee for Graduates - students members only further information about JCCG

Joint Consultative Committee for Undergraduates - further information about JCCU

Safety and Security Committee - further information about SASC

Tutors Committee - further information about Tutors Committee


Email aliases

In addition to the email aliases for the mailing lists, there are several email aliases for research groups, administrative jobs or conferences. Contact to setup your own specific email aliases.