Materials VPN

The Department firewall now provides a Materials VPN service which allows external devices to join the Materials network in order to access restricted resources (e.g. windows fileshares) and to gain the benefit of the protection offered by the department's firewall.

All members of department are recommended to use the Materials VPN service instead of the University's VPN service.

Please visit  and authenticate with your SSO credentials.

If this is your first visit you will be redirected to in order to download and install the Global Protect client software onto the remote computer.  (similar to the university's Cisco Anyconnect client software)

If the remote computer is a department owned computer and configured as a member of the Materials domain it will now be able to receive domain policy updates via the Materials internal network.  One of these policies is set to configure the Global Protect VPN client to automatically connect to (instead of and to automatically connect at all times whether on the department's wired network or whether external. If necessary it is possible to temporarily disconnect as shown in the image below.  Note that because the Global Protect software is connecting automatically there should no-longer ever be any need to use the university's Cisco Anyconnect software.

If the remote computer is a personally owned or other external computer then users will need to manually start the Global Protect software and connect to with your SSO credentials whenever they wish to access restricted resources on the Materials network (e.g. windows fileshares).