Materials Photocopying

The Department of Materials operates 9 networked colour photocopiers which also act as printers and scanners.

Photocopiers are available in most buildings, with the biggest devices in Hume-Rothery building Reception and Administration areas.

Hostname Device Model Location Staff
pr30-copier MPC3503SP 195.30.11 (PR 2nd floor) Katie
hr10-copier MPC5503ASP 179.10.13 (HR  Reception) Kay
hb20-copier MPC3503SP 154.30.11 (HB  Teaching Labs) Diana
hr30-copier MPC5503ASP 179.30.09 (HR top floor) Alison
rr-ricoh-mp3350 MPC3503SP 196.20.03 (15PR common room) Joanna
br10-copier MPC3503SP 110.10.01 (BR 1st floor) Becs
bb-hirsch-copier MPC3503SP 321.10.04 (Begbroke Hirsch Foyer) Greg
etb50-copier MPC3503SP 276.50.18 (ETB top floor) Luci
rr-desktopcopier MPC305SP 371.20.xx (RR Level1 openplan) Paul



Example CP3503SP Photocopier


How to print to the photocopiers

The photocopiers are available as colour printers via the departmental print server.
See the departmental instructions for printing.

How to scan using the photocopiers

The photocopiers can be used to scan documents and email as PDF attachments. 
See the PDF instructions for scanning .


Troubleshooting photocopiers

Reception staff manage paper supplies and toner replacements plus any engineer repair callouts to Ricoh. Phone Reception on 73777.

General usage/print/scan/authentication/quota problems should be reported to IT staff. Phone Paul Warren on 73727.

Green IT Guidelines

The department is also keen to reduce the amount printing in order to save money and reduce waste.

  • do you really need to print to paper? 
    save paper by reading electronic copy
  • always print double-sided 
    set printers to default to duplex and save paper
  • avoid using colour where possible
    colour costs several times more black&white
  • send jobs to photocopiers rather than printers
    photocopiers use lower cost toners