Barbara Gabrys

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How to Succeed as a Scientist: From Postdoc to Professor B.J. Gabrys and J. A. Langdale, Cambridge University Press, 2011, ISBN:9780521186834

Neutron scattering by polymers using spin polarised neutrons with spin polarisation  O. Schärpf and B.J. Gabrys, published on the web 2008, Download book as PDF 

Applications of neutron scattering to soft condensed matter, Ed B.J. Gabrys, Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, France, 2000

Polish translation of Calculus on Manifolds, M. Spivak, W.A. Benjamin, Inc., 1965 by B. Gabrys and A. Solecki, 2nd edition, PWN, Warszawa 2005; Polish title: Analiza na rozmaitosciach
(Since its first printing in 1977 it has remained a recommended textbook for students of mathematics at Polish universities.)