MATLAB® is a high-level language and interactive environment for numerical computation, visualization, and programming. Using MATLAB, you can analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models and applications. 

MATLAB is widely used around the university for research and is incorporated into many taught courses.

In August 2014 the University of Oxford signed an annual Mathworks Campus TAH (Total Academic Headcount) agreement giving a site license for MATLAB and a suite of associated toolboxes. The license allows access for all staff and students for any research and teaching with unlimited users and on any computers including home use on personal computers. The site license only covers non-commercial usage  In addition the university already had a separate Mathworks Student TAH agreement covering student owned computers only.

The license includes access to MATLAB Academy Online Training Suite (MAOTS) TAH. This includes over 60 hours of online training courses for different levels and across different subject categories.  These training resources are available within the University of Oxford MATLAB portal 
(For training resources select "Start Learning Now")

 The license allows access to MATLAB from a web browser using MATLAB Online for Total Academic Headcount (TAH) Licenses


Information about obtaining and installing Matlab is available at

  • Undergraduate Students for personally owned computers should download the installation instructions 
  • Research Students and Staff for personally owned computers should download the installation instructions 
  • Department of Materials owned laptops should typically have Matlab installed by the primary users using the installation which gives the benefit that Matlab will work without a network connection, however this does mean that the software license will need to be updated annually. Alternatively IT staff can remotely deploy the Matlab onto departmental laptops upon request, but configured to use the license server - thus needing a network connection.
  • Department of Materials owned desktops should have Matlab installed by IT staff and should be configured use the concurrent license server. Contact IT staff who can automatically remotely deploy Matlab. Using the license server means that the local installation does not need updating each year when the license is renewed.

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