Rob Weatherup: Royal Society of Chemistry Joseph Black Prize

rob weatherup

Many congratulations to Professor Rob Weatherup, who has been awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry's (RSC) 2023 Joseph Black Prize.  This is an analytical science early career prize recognising the impact of an individual's work and their innovation and professional standing.

Rob's energy materials interfaces work has most recently focused on lithium-ion batteries, where he has developed several new approaches to extract difficult-to-mine data by using X-rays through thin windows.  This is improving the field's understanding of the processes limiting the lifetime of batteries, and the efficiencies of catalysts used for the green production of chemicals.

When asked about being selected for this prize, Rob said:

'I was delighted and honoured to receive this prize from the RSC.  I'm really grateful to all the collaborators and colleagues who've supported my work along the way, and in particular, the amazing contributions of my research group'.  

Rob joins five other Oxford academics who have been honoured by the RSC - for more information click on the link below:

'Six Oxford University scientists win Royal Society of Chemistry prizes.