Multislice Electron Ptychography

Over the last 10 years structural biology has been revolutionised by the implementation of cryogenic electron imaging techniques. However, the resolution obtainable in standard cryo-imaging techniques is often limited by the electron fluence, number of particles available for averaging, and loss of coherence through the thickness of the sample.

Electron ptychography is a diffractive imaging technique in which an image is computationally reconstructed from diffraction patterns and has recently demonstrated unprecedented resolution and dose efficiency. In this project we will build upon previous work done in our labs developing ptychographic techniques for studying both hard and soft matter. We will focus on the development and application of 3D ptychographic imaging techniques essential for biologists interested in ultrastructure and its proximity to the surrounding organelles for structure–function relationships. The project will benefit from existing collaborations with scientists at both the electron Physical Sciences Imaging Centre at Diamond Light Source and the Rosalind Franklin Institute. This project work will be of high impact to the growing cryo EM and structural biology communities, but will be best suited to a candidate with a strong mathematical, computational or physical sciences background.


Angus Kirkland

Judy Kim

Christopher Allen

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