'Excellence in Nuclear Reactor Science in the UK' Award


Congratulations to Professor Sergio Lozano-Perez, who was presented with the first 'Excellence in Nuclear Reactor Science in the UK' award by Framatone and Minister Counsellor Francois Revardeaux of the UK French Embassy. 

This is the first time the award has been made, and is in recognition of excellence in researching how to improve materials to provide cleaner and safer nuclear plants.

“Nuclear energy is an important source of baseload, low-carbon electricity and a crucial part of both France’s and the UK’s pledges to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050,” said Counsellor Revardeaux. “Research and development are key to ensuring the development of nuclear energy and the safe, efficient operation of plants. I welcome Professor Lozano-Perez’s contributions to nuclear reactor science, which is incredibly important for our clean energy future.”