Collaboration agreement with Digital University Kerala

The signed and counterpart MoU displayed by representatives of the two Universities, with Professor Bhaskaran standing to the left

'The University of Oxford has created an entire economic ecosystem on the back of its world-class research.  It is exciting to help partner with a conceptually new digital University to help achieve the same in Kerala, using our unique strengths in both fundamental science and engineering research to translate into commercialism'

Professor Harish Bhaskaran

On 11 October 2022 the University of Oxford entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology (DUK), to advance research and academic exchange in the fields of nanotechnology, AI, sustainability, digital health and innovation.  Professor Harish Bhaskaran has been leading this initiative, and can be seen to the far left hand side of the photograph showing representatives* from the two institutions displaying the signed copies of the MoU.

You can read more about this exciting development on the MPLS website: 'Oxford to collaborate with Digital University Kerala on nanotechnology, AI, sustainability, digital health, and innovation'.  


* Centre left: Professor Graham Taylor (Deputy Head of the Mathematical, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences Division at the University of Oxford), and centre right: Pinarayi Vijayan (the Chief Minister of Kerala).