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Formation of prismatic dislocation loops during unloading in nanoindentation

Orientation dependence of the nano-indentation behaviour of pure Tungsten

Scratching the surface: Elastic rotations beneath nanoscratch and nanoindentation tests

Cold creep of titanium: Analysis of stress relaxation using synchrotron diffraction and crystal plasticity simulations

A phase field model for the growth and characteristic thickness of deformation-induced twins

A modelling framework for coupled hydrogen diffusion and mechanical behaviour of engineering components

An improved method to model dislocation self-climb

Simulating hydrogen in fcc materials with discrete dislocation plasticity

In situ measurement and modelling of the growth and length scale of twins in α-uranium

Influence of hydrogen core force shielding on dislocation junctions in iron

Tension-compression asymmetry of slip in Ti-6Al

A new method to model dislocation self-climb dominated by core diffusion

Characterisation of slip and twin activity using digital image correlation and crystal plasticity finite element simulation: Application to orthorhombic alpha-uranium

Crystal plasticity finite element modelling of coarse-grained α-uranium

Dislocation density distribution at slip band-grain boundary intersections

Hardening and Strain Localisation in Helium-Ion-Implanted Tungsten.

Helical dislocations: Observation of vacancy defect bias of screw dislocations in neutron irradiated Fe–9Cr

Comparison of self-consistent and crystal plasticity FE approaches for modelling the high-temperature deformation of 316H austenitic stainless steel

Orientation-dependent indentation response of helium-implanted tungsten (vol 114, 221905, 2019)

Orientation-dependent indentation response of helium-implanted tungsten

Incorporating hydrogen in mesoscale models

Spherical indentation of copper: crystal plasticity vs. experiment

The influence of hydrogen on Lomer junctions

The hardness and modulus of polycrystalline beryllium from nano-indentation

Discrete dislocation plasticity HELPs understand hydrogen effects in bcc materials

Investigating the role of hydrogen on stress corrosion cracking by micromechnaical testing

Calculating dislocation displacements on the surface of a volume

A multi-scale model for stresses, strains and swelling of reactor components under irradiation

Interstitial-mediated dislocation climb and the weakening of particle-reinforced alloys under irradiation

Consistent determination of geometrically necessary dislocation density from simulations and experiments

The influence of surface oxides on the mechanical response of oxidized grain boundaries

3D lattice distortions and defect structures in ion-implanted nano-crystals.

Modelling the coupling between hydrogen diffusion and the mechanical behaviour of metals

Coherent X-ray measurements of ion-implantation-induced lattice strains in nano-crystals

Bend Testing of Silicon Microcantilevers from 21A degrees C to 770A degrees C

Measurements of stress fields near a grain boundary: Exploring blocked arrays of dislocations in 3D

A discrete dislocation plasticity study of the micro-cantilever size effect

A micromechanics model for bread dough

Modelling the damage and deformation process in a plastic bonded explosive microstructure under tension using the finite element method

Measurement of probability distributions for internal stresses in dislocated crystals

GPU accelerated dislocation dynamics

A micromechanical image-based model for the featureless zone of a Fe-Ni dissimilar weld

Dislocation dynamics modelling of radiation damage in thin films

Microstructural image-based modelling of weld failure

Assessing the precision of strain measurements using electron backscatter diffraction--part 1: detector assessment.

Assessing the precision of strain measurements using electron backscatter diffraction--part 2: experimental demonstration.

How oxidized grain boundaries fail

An image based approach to modelling plastic bonded explosives (PBX) on the micro scale

Mechanical characterization and micromechanical modeling of bread dough

Micromechanical modelling of alumina trihydrate filled poly (methyl methacrylate) composites

Micromechanical testing of oxidized grain boundaries in nickel alloys from nuclear reactors

Three-dimensional crack observation, quantification and simulation in a quasi-brittle material

Image-based modelling of binary composites

A composite model for wheat flour dough under large deformation

Brittle-ductile transitions in polycrystalline tungsten

Dislocation dynamic modelling of the brittle-ductile transition in tungsten

The brittle-ductile transition in single-crystal iron

Polarization spectroscopy in rubidium and cesium

Modified deformation behaviour of self-ion irradiated tungsten: A combined nano-indentation, HR-EBSD and crystal plasticity study