Jamie Warner

Selected Publications

  • Direct Imaging of Individual Molecular Binding to Clean Nanopore Edges in 2D Monolayer MoS2.

  • Spatially Controlled Fabrication and Mechanisms of Atomically Thin Nanowell Patterns in Bilayer WS2 Using in Situ High Temperature Electron Microscopy.

  • Contiguous and Atomically Thin Pt Film with Supra-Bulk Behavior Through Graphene-Imposed Epitaxy

  • Striated 2D Lattice with Sub-nm 1D Etch Channels by Controlled Thermally Induced Phase Transformations of PdSe2.

  • Photocurrent Direction Control and Increased Photovoltaic Effects in All-2D Ultrathin Vertical Heterostructures Using Asymmetric h-BN Tunneling Barriers.

  • Waterproof molecular monolayers stabilize 2D materials.

  • Atomic Structure and Dynamics of Epitaxial Platinum Bilayers on Graphene.

  • Atomically Sharp Dual Grain Boundaries in 2D WS2 Bilayers.

  • Strong Opto-Structural Coupling in Low Dimensional GeSe3 Films.

  • Broadband transparent optical phase change materials for high-performance nonvolatile photonics.