Michael Moody

Selected Publications

  • Using alpha hulls to automatically and reproducibly detect edge clusters in atom probe tomography datasets

  • Nanoscale analysis of ion irradiated ODS 14YWT ferritic alloy

  • Decoration of voids with rhenium and osmium transmutation products in neutron irradiated single crystal tungsten

  • Observation of internal oxidation in a 20% cold-worked Fe-17Cr-12Ni stainless steel through high-resolution characterization

  • Observing hydrogen in steel using cryogenic atom probe tomography: A simplified approach

  • Atom Probe Tomography of Au-Cu Bimetallic Nanoparticles Synthesized by Inert Gas Condensation

  • Fast modelling of field evaporation in atom probe tomography using level set methods

  • Radiation-induced segregation in W-Re: from kinetic Monte Carlo simulations to atom probe tomography experiments

  • A multi-technique study of “barrier layer” nano-porosity in Zr oxides during corrosion and hydrogen pickup using (S)TEM, TKD, APT and NanoSIMS

  • A Nanoscale Investigation of Carlin-Type Gold Deposits: An Atom-Scale Elemental and Isotopic Perspective

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