Hazel Assender

Selected Publications

  • Thermoelectric behaviour of Bi-Te films on polymer substrates DC-sputtered at room-temperature in moving web deposition

  • Towards Wearable and Flexible Sensors and Circuits Integration for Stress Monitoring.

  • Surface crystalline morphologies in thin films of PET/PEN random copolymers

  • Roll-to-Roll processable OTFT-based Amplifier and Application for pH sensing

  • High-throughput physical vapour deposition flexible thermoelectric generators.

  • Roll-to-Roll Patterning of Al/Cu/Ag Electrodes on Flexible Polyethylene by Oil Masking: A comparison of Thermal Evaporation and Magnetron Sputtering

  • Carbon Nanotubes for Quantum Dot Photovoltaics with Enhanced Light Management and Charge Transport

  • Roll-to-roll vacuum deposition of polymers with in-line curing: A comparison of two curing sources (plasma and electron beam)

  • A high-yielding evaporation-based process for organic transistors based on the semiconductor DNTT

  • Organic Digital Logic and Analog Circuits Fabricated in a Roll-to-Roll Compatible Vacuum-Evaporation Process

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