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Enquiries should initially be directed to the committee secretary

Departmental Committee : Terms of Reference


Ex Officio Members

Chair: Director of Graduate Studies




Representatives of [      ] (xx individuals selected by [              ], who each normally serve a maximum term of xx years).



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To be considered quorate, each meeting must consist of at least xx people drawn from the following:

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Functions of the Committee

The primary function of MGSC is to:

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One meeting a term; held at 11am during the Tuesdays of Week 4.



Others in Attendance: any other individual may be invited to attend for a single MGSC meeting or series of MGSC meetings at the discretion of the Committee.

Continuity: Non-ex officio members can be re-elected and re co-opted, but the total period of continuous service should not exceed xx years.  In order to provide continuity, periods of office shall, wherever possible, be arranged so that no more than xx members of the Committee change in any single academic year.

Election of members: where members are elected, elections for forthcoming vacancies should take place as soon as is practically possible.  Members whose situations change during their term of office (such as taking maternity/paternity leave or dealing with caring duties) will not be obliged to continue their membership to the end of their xx year term, and elections will take place as soon as practically possible from the Chair's receipt of their intention to resign.

Minutes of Meetings

The archive of committee papers are stored in SharePoint (see the meeting documents for the current academic year).


Current Committee Members:

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