Yu Shu's BBC Radio 4 interview

Dr Yu Shu and the official BBC icon for the 'All Consuming' broadcast

On 14 September 2023, BBC Radio 4 broadcast their microchips episode of 'All Consuming', which includes an interview with Dr Yu Shu.  

The discussion with Dr Shu centres around her research in the Bhaskaran Lab on novel manufacturing processes, which address the environmental cost of the current methods used by manufacturers, by providing an innovative and sustainable alternative.

"Our technique can be used in flexible and wearable devices that can be seamslessly integrated with curved surfaces - like our skin, and also our clothes".

... Hopefully, in the next five years we will be able to see this technique greatly enhance the sustainability of microchip manufacturing".

Dr Yu Shu

The entire programme is available online via BBC Sounds, with Dr Shu's interview commencing at 11 minutes 37 seconds.