Sustainable and efficient production of high-quality SiC fibres

SiC fibers are attractive for application in composite systems essential in the aerospace, automotive and nuclear energy industries due to their high-temperature resistance, low weight, and excellent mechanical properties. Applications include, aircraft components exposed to extreme conditions, such as turbine engine parts, heat exchangers, nozzle flaps, brake rotors, etc.

Their high production cost, limitations in scalability and varying properties are true bottlenecks for their exploitation. Current SiC fibre manufacturing processes are complex and energy-intensive limiting also their scalability. Moreover, their properties largely depend on the production method employed.

This project will build on recent work on vertically aligned SiC nanofibres and explore novel approaches towards the controlled production of SiC fibres. A range of production methods will be explored and tested in conjunction with state-of-the-art precursor design in collaboration with Professor Simon Aldridge (Chemistry). Advanced characterisation methods will be employed to study the influence of growth parameters on the structure-properties relationship of the SiC fibres. Suitable proof of concept applications of these fibres in collaboration with industry partner are also envisaged.

sic fibres


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