Superconducting: Enabling Transformative Technologies

Susie Speller

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training has announced its investment in some news CDTs, one of which is 'Superconductivity: Enabling Transformative Technologies', and is co-led by Professor Susie Speller.


This CDT will include the universities of Bristol and Cambridge and several major industrial partners in its vision of training graduate students in the latest developments and technologies in the field, enabling novel technologies spanning Net-Zero, healthcare and quantum agendas.


As Professor Speller says:

"Superconductors offer unique solutions to many of today's greatest challenges, from enabling the Net Zero transition to realising novel quantum technologies.

Although conventional superconducting materials are already used ubiquitously in magnetic resonance imaging machines in hospitals, it is a very exciting time because we are just starting to realise the enormous promise of high temperature superconductors, driven by the needs of the fusion sector.  Remarkably, we still do not understand the origin of high temperature superconductivity, limiting our ability to discover new superconducting compounds.

The new CDT spans the fundamentals through to applications and will provide the next generation of leaders in superconductivity with the cross-disciplinary skills to feed the growing needs of industry, develop new innovative superconducting technologies and make the next scientific breakthroughs that advance our understanding of the field".