Solar panel technology is set to be turbo-charged

Solar panels in a field

Image by Chelsea on Unsplash


High efficiency 'tandem' solar cells are poised to have an impact on commercial solar cell manufacturing.  With the projected increase in production needed to tackle climate change, the materials we use to make tandem cells must be more critically assessed.

In 'The Conversation', Dr Matthew Wright and Dr Bruno Vicari Stefani, explain the factors involved with this issue, from providing a brief overview of the progress made so far, to the new silicon solar cell technology developed by LONGi last year.  Exploring the potential of tandem solar cells, Dr Wright explains the improved efficiency they offer and their potential to become the established solar panel technology in coming decades providing sufficient supplies of materials are available for what will be an ever increasing commercial market.

Read the full feature in The Conversation:  'Solar panel technology is set to be turbo-charged - but first, a few big roadblocks have to be cleared'.